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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that are frequently asked by prospecting applicants.

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Q: When can I view the suites I am interested in?

A: Generally, we set up an appointment with you after we process your application. The application process usually doesn't take longer than 7 business days, depending on when we are able to make contact with your references.

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Q: Are you EIA friendly?

A: Yes! We take applications from people who are already set up with EIA receiving payments, and have a landlord reference as well.

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Q: Are all of your leases 1 year long?

A: Yes, this is determined by our owners and all of our properties are currently requiring a 1 year lease. Some minor exceptions are made. After the one year lease, your contract reverts to a month-to-month agreement. At least one full month's notice is still required to move out at the end of the following month.

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Q: Your application says you do not refund security deposits- why?

A: As with any formal agreements with a landlord, security deposits do get returned when the move-out guidelines are followed with the fulfillment of a 1 year lease. Any move-outs before the end of the 1 year lease that have followed the guidelines are subjected to a $75 administration fee.

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